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Spacious classrooms with limited class strength

A spacious well ventilated, sufficiently furnished, perfect class rooms, paying way for a perfect time at school.

Reading & Writing

It’s important to inculcate in students the habit of reading and writing at a very young age and so, we instil in students the desire to read and write. Our teachers are well-equipped with techniques and methods to help students become fast learners.

Focus to hone communication skills and creativity

Communication Skills is an important assert and a vital skill one has to possess in order to make a mark as they go further. Hence students are trained which will hone their soft skills thus helping gain confidence.

Extra emphasis on co curricular activities

Co Curricular and extra curricular activities are a prerequisite in any educational institution. Craft, Dance are given special emphasis under the supervision of an expert teacher.

Key board


Classical Dance

Western Dance

Proctor System – Each student is given personal care

Every student requires personal care and attention, and we take special measures to ensure our children are monitored and conditioned in an appropriate way. Our teachers are dedicated and committed to this cause of channelizing our students.


Some of our facilities are:

Activity Area

Audio / Video facility

Ball Room

Sand pit

The Joy of learning is learning from the heart